The best monuments of St. Petersburg. Walking around the city on the Neva

The best monuments of St. Petersburg. Walking around the city on the Neva

The monumental art of St. Petersburg is a topic for an independent tour of the city, and not just one. The city offers guests to get acquainted with the works of different centuries and plunge into history. The best monuments of St. Petersburg. Walking around the city on the Neva

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Monument to architects

St. Petersburg, founded by Peter I at the beginning of the XVIII century, is now considered one of the most beautiful and delightful cities not only in Russia, but also in the world.

The great city on the Neva was built by the most famous architects of St. Petersburg, Russia and the world. Today, their architectural masterpieces and monuments create that unique image of St. Petersburg, which is rightfully called “the city of palaces and monuments of antiquity.”

If you get off the metro at the Gorkovskaya station, you can get to the Alexander Park.

The monument to the architects was opened in June 2011. The author of the sculpture by the architect of St. Petersburg is the Honored Artist of the Russian Federation A. Taratynov. Great architects, builders of the great city on the Neva gathered at a large table with a map of St. Petersburg.

Voronikhin, Bazhenov and Rastrelli are standing, Montferrand is sitting with his legs crossed, followed (clockwise) by Trezzini in a wig and with a compass in his hand, next to him is Rossi with a pen and Zakharov with a cane, immediately opposite Trezzini and by an empty chair is Tom de Thomon.

The best monuments of St. Petersburg. Walking around the city on the Neva

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